I spent last election day in the village of Mali on the rugged hillsides near the southeast border of Guinea Conakry and Senegal. I remember laying in bed all layered up, trying to trust my gut feeling of faith in voters of the US to be sensible and elect the first woman president, albeit not perfect it felt like a big move. a move that never happened. Heartbroken, friends and myself heard the news and like many folks sobbed throughout the day, mourning the love left so lacking, much less common respect and care for those not like us. We…

Here is the culmination of my fall semesters work on site-dance along the Mississippi River during the Augsburg University River Semester.

You can look on my Youtube channel for my weekly dance studies and the choreography without my performance.

This is a poem I wrote upon my return from spending half of the 2016–17 school year in Senegal.

I loved the warm night breeze of you

your call into the night while I walked to the boutique

your cool water cleaning off sweat as I showered under the stars

your warm eyes as I greeted you every morning

Asked how you slept

how your family is doing

your rattling and dust seeped into my bones as I saw more of you

it felt as thought I might never leave you

And when it came time to say goodbye


Primarily inspired by the incredible women in my life but also the REI Force of Nature campaign

Sunset on the Mississippi River near Bemidji, MN. Photo taken by Espoir DelMain

Since before I can remember I have gone outside in all seasons and temperatures in my Minnesota home. This mostly is in part because of my mother, who never took a snow day for a stay-inside day, taught me to always be prepared and not let anything stop me. I feel so fortunate to have learned so much from so many forces of nature in my life. …

The Global Citizen Toolbox I Carry

Among the many things I learned to embrace while in Senegal, was the sunshine, all day, everyday. Photo taken in Dindefelo, Senegal

This past year I spent six months in West Africa, mostly in Senegal studying local languages, using my French and many skills I didn’t realize I had gained at Concordia Language Villages. I initially went there on a gap year semester course, for students between high school and university. …

aka My Last 2 Weeks at Home

**This was written before I left home for 6 months to Senegal, in West Africa. Before I go into the returning home musings I though I’d share something from before I left for some context**

Finally being home after a summer of camp counseling is draining. Though I finally have some time to rest and be alone, I’m criss-crossing the city on my bike (Surley Long Haul trucker to be specific, this bike is the love of my life) trying to see friends and reconnect with them from the summer but also start…

Originally published in 2015 for a speech at the MN Capitol Earth Day 2015 event.

My name is Espoir DelMain, I’m 17 and a Junior at Great River School. I’m a part of YEA!MN (a program of Climate Generation) because I am passionate about environmental justice. but I wouldn’t say that I have a certain moment in particular or thing that happened to me that fueled this passion.

Growing up I spent a lot of time outdoors, so environmental sustainability is very important in my mind. Since I was 2 months old I have spent my summers at a summer…

Espoir DelMain

Welcome to my musings, thoughts and reflections as I finish up my sophomore year in college. Previous adventures here : https://lifeontwowheels2015.wordpress.

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